Membership and Visiting


The pool admission prices are on the pool page.


All visitors must provide identification as described below. We encourage visitors, especially if new to Naturism, to contact us before the first visit but it is not essential.

We have to cover our costs and we do not get anything from the pool admission so at pool sessions we charge adult visitors a small fee of .


Members just show their membership card. Forgotten cards are not a problem but if we don't know you then we do have to ask for identification.

How to Join

You can join at the door. See next section.

Identification and Security

Club membership cards are used as evidence of good character and there are various safeguarding and legal requirements that we have to comply with.

You will need to provide identification to establish your name and address. A photo driving license is ideal but there are many alternatives such as a British Naturism membership card. We do not require identification for children but they must have the consent of their parent/guardian to attend. If in doubt or if there is any difficulty then please contact us to discuss it.

We have never had any sort of incident, and nation wide they are almost unheard of. We intend to keep it that way.

Privacy policy