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Please read the notes below before completing this form.

If you are a member of British Naturism please give your membership number with your name.

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I have read the notes and I accept the conditions of membership including the privacy policy. I am the parent/guardian of any children listed.

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Club use only: identification and payment



You can join by post and email, but joining at the door is easier.

We need to see evidence of name and address, for example a driving license, the first time that you attend. Please do not send documents by post. Membership cards are usually ready for collection at the following session. If there are any difficulties over id then please contact us.

The membership fee is adults , children . You can join in August and September for half price. If you join after September then you get the rest of the year for free and pay for next year. You can pay at the door or by post. Cheques payable to Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club please. If your card is lost or stolen please let us know immediately.


At any swim, naturist or textile, very occasionally someone is a nuisance. We have never had any sort of incident and, based on the experience nationally, it is unlikely that we ever will. However we do have to be prepared. If someone is a nuisance, makes you feel uncomfortable or if their behaviour gives you any cause for concern, please let us know even if you think any incident may have been an accident or is too trivial to mention. It is important that we are made aware of any such behaviour so that any repeat can be prevented. We would discuss any action with you and of course keep your name out of it if that is your wish.

The legal bit, conditions of membership.

  1. You have not been barred from attending or joining any naturist event, club or organisation. If it was something trivial then please discuss it with us.
  2. You are not subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
  3. You accept the privacy policy (below)


These precautions are a bit "over the top" but councils are rather nervous about naturists using their pools.

January 2018.