Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club

Child (and Adult) Protection Policy

These statements are the usual ones made by any organisation which may have children present at its events.

We have a similar zero tolerance policy for crimes against adults. See below for the procedures to achieve these aims.

Children (that's anyone under 18) are most welcome, but only with a parent/carer. The child's parents must have explicitly consented to them attending a naturist swim and we do check so we will need names, addresses, phone numbers and so on.

The details

SAFE have now completed their scrutiny of the policies and we will get their certificate once the final papers are signed. The MNSC committee have also to give their final approval.

The starting point for the management of any risk is identifying the hazards and assessing the risk that they represent. Unless they are clearly identified and properly understood it is easy to make mistakes that actually increase the risk or to take disproportionate measures that in themselves harm children and families. Risk analysis

Once the hazards have been identified and the risks assessed procedures can be devised to reduce the risks to the minimum practicable. It is impossible to remove all risk. We have found it convenient to include some adult protection measures and also some requirements of Forest Heath District Council in the same document. The commentary explains the provenance of each item. Commentary on the policy

Once the hazards, risks and measures to minimise the risks have been thought through the actual policy itself can be produced. For convenience it also includes some adult protection measures and some requirements of Forest Heath District Council. The policy

A policy is only a start. It has to be supplemented with training and advice. The child protection officers and others attend training sessions with SAFE and for everyone else there is a notice on the club noticeboard and it is periodically included in the club newsletter. Notice.