Proud to be a member club of British Naturism.

Sorry, but due to covid-19 all events have been cancelled until further notice. British Naturism is providing many new online events.


Do you want the health benefits or are you just fed up with a clinging cold wet rag when swimming? Want to use a sauna the way it should be? Or just want the thrill of a skinny-dip, one more thing off the bucket list? Well we have the answer to all of those and more. The ultimate body freedom! Admission


Everyone is welcome, young or old, short or tall, fat or thin. There will be people of all ages and of all shapes and sizes. Great for body-image and body-confidence. Joining

Are you nervous? "My first naturist swim was one of the most terrifying things that I have ever done but my worries lasted less than a minute!" It really is that quick and easy. More


We hold a two hour swimming and sauna session every month. It is both a social occasion and an opportunity for serious (if that is what you want) swimming. The swims are usually at Mildenhall but we also use other pools. Diary

We also hold other events such as BBQs, beach days, and visits to other clubs.


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Code of Conduct

If it is acceptable at a textile swim then it is acceptable here.

Costumes are always optional for children. Some flexibility is available to adults but only in special circumstances.

Some of our members would find it embarrassing if it became known that they were naturists so we are careful about confidentiality. Please do the same.