Going to your first naturist swim can be terrifying but the embarrassment goes with the clothes. It really is that quick. Five minutes later you are wondering what all the fuss was about.

Worried about looks, figure, a blemish here, a mole there? Frightened that the lifeguards will mistake you for the inflatable and pack you away? Well, you'll fit right in then. Naturists have the same number of noses, toeses and other body bits. Just as many of us have operation scars, bits missing or bits an unusual shape or size. We just don't think it any big deal what someone looks like. Naturism can do wonders for body-image. You find out what other people really look like and discover that it does not matter.

But there might be somebody there that I know! Well, if there is, then they will be naturist the same as you are so what's the worry? This was an actual conversation as told to me by one of the participants:

Pupil: "Hello Sir."
Teacher: "Hello."
Pupil: "Sir you wont' tell anyone at school that I come here will you?"
Teacher: "Well if you don't tell them, I certainly won't."

I had a very similar conversation with a teenager at a naturist swim when she heard that I might be teaching at her school.

Female embarrassment

What is there to be embarrassed about?

It is acceptable to wear bikini bottoms when menstruating. However if you are using a tampon then consider just tucking the string away or shortening it.

Male embarrassment

There is one aspect of male anatomy which causes nervousness to a lot of blokes before their first swim. Some people rather coyly call it 'visible embarrassment' but the rest of us call it an erection. It simply isn't a problem, surprising as that may seem to non-naturists. Naturist swims are less titillating than clothed ones so it is less likely to happen than at a textile session. After all a swim suit is just a proclamation that the wearer has something to hide and an invitation to imagine what it is. An erection is almost completely unheard of and if you are concerned that a problem is developing then go for a swim.